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South Mararikulam Project
for children with learning disabilities

2013 - 2014



Mehac Foundation identified the need for special educators to help children with learning disabilities in the South Mararikulam panchayat. The panchayat needed to be equipped to meet the educational needs of these students.


  • A team of special educators were hired

  • Conducted a 6 day workshop for teachers on scholastic and behavioral problems of students

  • Awareness sessions were conducted for parents of anganwadi children with the aim of making the parents identify stages of the child’s development (physical, intellectual, emotional and social changes).

  • Awareness classes for parents through schools

  • Clinical services like remedial Intervention and group assessment of children with learning problems

  • Created a toolkit on how to provide interventions that are currently used by the special educators


  • Supported 600+ students with learning disabilities

  • 30 classes were conducted in 21 wards of the panchayat

  • 546 parents of anganwadi children attended the sessions

  • 37 classes for 1688 parents in schools

  • 517 students were provided regular special educator services in the project period

  • Group assessments were done in 5 schools and had a participation of 200 students


South Mararikulam Panchayat,

Vigyan Valley

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