Training and Research

Mehac offers training in Community Psychiatry for Students in Social Work, Psychology and related disciplines. Various educational institutions have been sending their Students to Mehac for Clinical exposure in Community Psychiatry. We are planning to start a basic course in Community Based Psychiatric care to form a group of Mental Health Professionals for strengthening Mental Health Care. We are offering training to the following Students.

1. MSW Students specialised in Medical & Psychiatric Social Work 

( Field Work training, Block Placement, Internship, Exposure Visits etc.)

2. Medical PG Students specialised in Psychiatry

(Internship, Posting in Community Psychiatry etc.)

3. Students doing MA/MSc Psychology

(Field Work Training, Internship, Block Placement, Exposure Visits etc.)

4. Observership/Internship in Community Based Health Programmes.



1. A stage for acquiring knowledge in Community Psychiatry

2. Multidisciplinary Value based approach in learning

3. Supervision & Learning from Senior Mental Health Professionals

4. A platform for improving Presentation, Communication, Interaction & Community Organization skills

5. Classes on different topics both Psychiatric & General at regular intervals from experienced Professionals

6. Sessions on Personality Development & Career Guidance

7. Students can interact with Community Leaders & Senior Social Workers