Clinical Personnel and Volunteers


Mehac Team draws its strength from the scores of well-meaning individuals and institutions who have come forward to join us and provide psycho-social care to the needy in different parts of Kerala. The team is facilitated by a three tier organisation comprising of The Advisory Board, The Executive Board and the Board of Trustees.



Dr. Chitra Venkateswaran
Clinical Director 

Dr. Diana D
        Consultant Psychiatrist 

Dr. Rajasree K C  
        Palliative Care Physician 

Dr. Siju J S
Visiting Consultant Psychiatrist 

Dr. Amal Sudheep M R
Visiting Medical Officer

Dr. Binoy 
Visiting Medical Officer

Dr. Anitha Raja
Visiting Clinical Psychologist

Mr. Rajinesh K V

Ms. Anupama V Prabhu 
Psychologist & Clinic Co-ordinator

Mr. Sachin S Shaji
Psychiatric Social Worker

Ms. Meethu P Sebastian
        Psychiatric Social Worker



1. Sister Caroline
2. Sister Rosalyn
3. Sister Saritha Vergheese
4. Sister Princy
5. Brother Saji
6. Chandran
7. Markose
8. Celine
9. Praseela
10. Mini
11. Lissy
12. Geetha
13. Manju
14. Sreeja
15. Latha Bhasi

and many more who have associated with our pilot project.


1. Snehabhavan

Kalavoor Post, Alappuzha Dist. Contact Person : Mother Caraeline , Mob: +91 9496881620

2. Samhathi 

Reg No 353/4/2000, Mararikkulam North PO, Alappuzha Dist. Ph: 0478 2860778

3. Karunnyadeepam

Reg No 313/2008, NSS Karayogam road, Pathirappilly , Alappuzha Dist. Ph: 0477 2125892

4. Swami Vivekananda Medical Mission

Attappady, Agali PO , Palakkad Dist. Ph: 04924 254107

5. Mariyan Divyakarunnyalayam

Ponnadu PO, Mannanchery ,Alappuzha Dist. Contact Person: Br.Saji , Mob: +91 9744829350

6. C G Francis Memorial Trust

Reg No. ALP/TC/185/12, Pathirappilly , Alappuzha Dist

 Contact Person: Jayan Thomas, Mob:+91 9847291403

7. Daivadhan Sabha

Parappuram PO, Kanjoor, Ernakulam Dist, Ph: 0484 2460448

8. P Krishnapilla Memorial Trust

Reg No.ALP/TC/659/2013, Mannanchery , Alappuzha Dist.

Contact Person : Harilal, Mob:+91 9447016357

9.Snehatheeram Palliative Care  

Elappulli PO, Palakkad Dist. Contact Person: Unni, Mob: +91 9446532728

10. Tata Charitable Trust Hospital

Chottanikkara , Ernakulam Dist.

11. Muhamma Gramapanchayath

Muhamma PO, Alappuzha Dist.

12. Chottanikkara Gramapanchayath

Chottanikkra PO, Ernakulam Dist. 

13.Kanjoor Gramapanchayath

Kanjoor PO, Kalady , Ernakulam Dist. 

14. Arayd Gramapanchayath

Arayd PO, Alappuzha Dist.

15. Amrita Hospital, Kynaatti, Wayanad, Kerala.

16. Pallium India, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.

17. Department of Psychiatry, Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.

18. Cairdeas International Palliative Care Trust, Scotland.

19. Palliative Care programme, INCTR, MNJ Institute of Oncology and RCC, Hyderabad,AP

20. Neighbourhood Network in Palliative Care, Malappuram, Kerala.