About Us

The Mehac Foundation  (Mental Health Care and Research Foundation ) is a Not-for-Profit organisation registered  as a Charitable Trust (Registration no: 1850, October 2008, New Delhi, India; Registered under the Act of Registration of Deeds) with the objective of advancing  public health initiatives in the sphere of mental health care in India through widespread community participation.

 Several historical and contemporary factors have motivated the formation of this organisation.  Historically , the Indian health system , its political and administrative leadership , have realised the need for developing Community mental health programmes many decades ago . However , despite the early conceptualisation, the implementation  of the programmes has not been entirely successful. The reasons for this are manifold and are spread over very many areas of the health care system and society. One primary reason has been the development and existence of mental health care system as an organisational and clinical entity that is not integrated with general health care apparatus. The fact that almost all these institutions were bereft of a community orientation or participation was another major reason. As a matter of course , mental health institutions evolved separately as asylums.

 Over time , efforts were made to course correct and as part of this departments of psychiatry were developed in   medical colleges and in district hospitals with a clear thrust to integrate mental health care with general health care. The advancement of  District Mental Health Programmes  in various parts of India marked another stream of this exercise. More recently , the National Rural Health Mission has also earmarked this as a priority area.
Still, a large section of the needy remain deprived of care , especially long term care and continuous availability of medications. In short , a huge gap persists underlining the need for  new , community based delivery of care. The initiatives in palliative care in Kerala involving the people in the community pointed towards the efficacy of the community model. Mehac Foundation has adapted the principles of this public health initiative in a manner specific to mental health care with community participation.

All projects of Mehac, the ones that are currently operational in Kerala as well as the ones being planned in other parts of India, including the national capital of Delhi work in collaboration with partners involved in community services and social upliftment, including delivery of medical care. Regular clinics are conducted by the Mehac team with consistent follow-up. These projects draw strength from the local community, through people who volunteer in various capacities, including as clinical volunteers. The clinical volunteers take the lead role in monitoring the care of the patients and coordinating with their families. Mehac projects make use of a Information Technology oriented, internet based record system, which facilitates instant access to clinical and patient data to key clinical personnel. This in turn ensures quick response from the clinical personnel in emergency situations.