Mehac Foundation seeks to provide comprehensive psychosocial care to the needy, particularly to such sections of society who do not have access to health resources in general and particularly to monetary resources. Mehac model involves empowering local communities to impart free mental health services to fellow human beings under the guidance and supervision of trained medical professionals. We pursue this objective by initiating, facilitating and strengthening the mental health component of existing general and primary heath care services. The focus is on providing free and quality care to the needy through a network comprising of a variety of local institutions and individuals to function as effective mental health care coordinators...
Our Vision
Our vision is encapsulated in the slogan etched in our logo : Mental Health Action. We hope and believe that through mental health action Mehac could make a contribution to imparting mental health and..
Mehac Projects
Mehac Foundation's projects involve mainly Community Mental Health projects and programmes in strengthening the psycho-social component in delivery of palliative care...
News & Updates


Updated on 18-Feb-2015

Artists in support and solidarity with public health intiatives...

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An article in Hindu: Between mind and heart

Updated on 14-Oct-2013

Mehac, a public health organisation, is engaged in taking mental health care to the homes of the afflicted.

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Mehac-Sneha Bhavan Initiative

Updated on 09-Apr-2013

New Indian Express focus on Mehac-Sneha Bhavan Initiative. 

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New programmes

Updated on 17-Dec-2012

We are glad to let you know that Mehac has launched three new programs. They have different dimensions and signify cooperation with local activist groups as well as the Panchayat governing bodies.

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